What and how is momomesh for watching online free movies?

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Esha asked:

Is momomesh a safe site to watch movies both for old and newly released ?Why are new movies available on their site is that legal.I tried a link to a new movie and everything on the page was written in chinese or japanese.Will any one like me who uses the link be doing anything illegal????Do suggest some other site to watch online free movies,
plz reply thanx in advance

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3 Responses to “What and how is momomesh for watching online free movies?”
  1. Tattooedmama Says:

    davidmovies is the best site

  2. Kyle R Says:

    Love The Film Wall. Easy to find movies, FREE, no downloading…great site! Enjoy!

  3. movieslut10 Says:

    I think it is only illegal for the people that uploaded the movie, there is no way anyone could track down the millions of people watching videos online. It just isnt possible.

    I have heard of Momomesh, i think they are pretty decent. BUT there are thousands of similar sites out there, and each has a different selection of movies and tv shows.

    I use OVGuide.com because they search through all those thousands of online video sites for you. Just go to and search for a movie or tv show you wanna watch. The OVGuide tells you the best places to watch it online for free within your web browser. Take you pick, and OVG sends you directly to the video on that site.

    Save you loads of time, and is super easy. Enjoy!!

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