What should my friend and I do instead of movies or shopping?

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mYLoVe33 asked:

There are no movies we wanna see, and my parents won’t let me go shopping because I have to many clothes. We are only 13 so we have to be dropped off by my parents…what should we do? I’m sick of hanging out at one of our houses.

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2 Responses to “What should my friend and I do instead of movies or shopping?”

    have a girls night in. you could just have a sleepover or something. i know it sounds lame but if they are your friends and you have fun,,, you will have good times together!!!!

    take crazy pictures together!! like make wierd faces and stufff, then make a memory board of all of your pictures. it adds a lot to your room it makes your room more personal and fun.

  2. makram Says:

    try with public parks but the movies are the best for your age…

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