What are the pros and cons of downloading movies from limeware ?

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natashap asked:

My kid sister wants to download movies and games but am apprehensive since i’ve heard that sometimes its **** in disguise. how do i make sure that what am downloading is what i want?

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8 Responses to “What are the pros and cons of downloading movies from limeware ?”
  1. s_n_mproductons Says:

    Pro: Free movies.
    Con: Theft.

    And you can’t.
    When it’s downloading, preveiw it, to make sure.

    Or don’t be cheap and go buy the fricken movie.

  2. Dan G Says:

    Pros – free movies
    Cons – Malware

  3. Gavin's_Girl Says:

    Whatever you do, DO NOT DOWNLOAD MOVIES OR GAMES FROM LIMEWIRE. I tried downloading roller Coaster Tycoon and got an insane worm. It messed up my computer for 2 days before we fixed it. Since then I found out about BITLORD. You can go to and find movies there, but you will need to download bitlord first. each movie file has comments that you can read before you download from users who have already downloaded….so you know about quality, if the file works and how to open the file if its passworded. Limewire *****.

  4. jmann1998 Says:

    i would not recommend downloading movies or games from lime wire, aside from the virus threats some movies are **** in disguise, if you do however decide to go through with it, left click on the file while its still downloading and select preview download, that way you can tell if its the actually movie you wanted

  5. Lindsay G Says:

    I would not suggest downloading movies or games. Downloading movies are agaist the law. And that is the one you can really get in deep trouble for, unlike the music ones, where you can usally get away with it.

    Game download from limewire, or another other program like it. Have a high risk of infecting your computer with spyware and virus, which can seriously ***** up your computer. If your sister want game, go to these sites below, they are generally safe. Some are free, some aren’t..

  6. Julia L. Says:

    Well, an average length movie is between 600 and 800 megabytes in size, so if what you’re downloading is smaller than that, chances are it’s not what you’re looking for. Also, there is less chance that it’s **** if the movie is labeled DVD Rip than if it’s just titled. If you run your mouse over the title of the movie, it will come up with a description, and sometiems that will tell you more about the movie. Other than that, the other thing with downloading movies is that it takes a long time (like sometimes days), and I would strongly recommend pre-screening movies (or having your parents do it) to make sure it is what it says it is. The movie does not have to be completely downloaded for you to do this – all you have to do is right click on it once it has started downloading and select Preview. Good luck! :)

  7. Caesar Says:

    You should be very careful I got a virus one time downloading from this site. It cost me a lot of money to repair the damage it did to my computer. I know it’s tempting but you are really taking a chance with P2P downloads.

  8. MARTIN B Says:

    Limewire and Bearshare I have used, and I much prefer Bearshare. Putting in the same search Bearshare nearly always has much more sources and so downloads more stuff quicker. Also I find the user interface on Bearshare much better.

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