How could I get the traps from the saw movies?

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Yimminy T asked:

How could I get the traps from the saw movies? I’m mainly considering the venus fly trap and the angel trap.

What kind of metal is needed for shaping into the spikes and locking into skin and muscle?

I’m not worrying about the release mechanisms, so you can ignore those.

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3 Responses to “How could I get the traps from the saw movies?”
  1. Jhonny Boy Says:

    oh dude that’s evil. sorry

  2. lostfanatic12 Says:

    Sorry to down your question,
    but that might be just a liitle illegal.
    Not to mention, kinda sick and twisted.

  3. Fdas F Says:

    I’d use some kind of ion for the metal, as it would be strong. I would just study the movies, and try to mimic the designs. I don’t remember what the Venus fly trap was, but are you trying to make a working angel trap (that with a key, you can escape) or the one that Jigsaw’s assistant used to kill the person? I think the only way you can get the designs for the traps would be to talk to the makers of Saw.

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