How can I download full movies for free?

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G00D 80Y asked:

I wanna download full movies for free with good quality, but I don’t know how !!! I wan to know a website which permits me to download movies. Please tell me how.

G00D 80Y

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7 Responses to “How can I download full movies for free?”
  1. shadow_z3d Says:

    i don’t think this question will last for long here. It might be removed. Use torrents if you want to download movies. is a good site for that.

  2. jayant k Says:

    Go to google
    type free movie downloads
    you will get all the web sites

  3. animal81369 Says:

    Leaving out the legality issue, there are many p2p programs out there. Do so at your own risk. One I have heard of is below…

  4. OZ Says:

    This is a torrent downloader
    Download Bitlord 1,1 (free version) and then go to . You search the movie or tv show you want then download a small torrent file, when you run it bitlord opens and you download the full video. Its hard to explain but you will see what i mean when you do it. I have ironman and the new incredible hulk.

  5. Diana B Says:

    The problem is that there are 2 ways to download free movies, both are illegal and, since both depend on media supplied by the people who use them, the quality of video will not be consistent.

    You can either use Torrents or some peer-share network (I know more about the second). There are also binary files, but I’ve never used that, so I can’t comment.

    The content available is supplied by other users – there is no one website that finds and supplies the video. Here’s how it works. User-A wants video. He connects to a network and finds that the video he’s looking for is available on special folders of the HD’s of other users. He can queue up behind other people who want content from that source. The source may not want to waste bandwidth downloading to User-A unless User-A offers the same courtesy to others. Therefore, User-A might be expected to already have some content of his own (on pain of getting permanently kicked from Source’s que if he doesn’t). This is actually pretty easy since the price of content has pretty much dropped through the cellar floor in the past 5 or so years. There’s no real excuse for leeching in this day and age.

    Because the users supply all the content, QA is pretty much a moot question. You’ll get DVD rips (good) or you may get the dreaded shot-in-the-theater video (horrible quality, poor perspective and yeverybody who goes to the bathroom will have his shadow immortalized). The best way to avoid that trap is to wait until the DVD release. If you see a movie available on the network that’s still in theaters, it’s likely a horrible bootleg and should be avoided.

  6. Kane Oosty Says:

    Be a An Hero

  7. Donna Says:

    The best site I have found so far is. I love the quality and no viruses. Plus the site says it is legal.

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