What are some sad modern movies about loss?

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baby asked:

My best friend and I are no longer best friends, and I need to get over it, so I have Vanilla ice cream and Im about to go get some movies.

Any recommendations for year 2000-08? Sad movies, romances, just heartfelt ones, ones that will tear me up.

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5 Responses to “What are some sad modern movies about loss?”
  1. Loo Says:

    PS I Love You

  2. chickintheboat Says:

    Grace is Gone with John Cusack. This is from the trailer: his wife was an officer killed in Iraq and he can’t bring himself to tell his two young daughters.

    The Fall was visually stunning but really depressing.

  3. ms_bacolod Says:

    here’s my top choices:
    a walk to remember
    sweet november
    a walk in the clouds
    the notebook
    in pursuit of hapiness

  4. Skully Says:

    sad movie with dark humor The Savages

  5. Maya Says:

    Atonement is sad but really good.

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