Movie day with my boyfriend, list of good movies pleeease?

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Shara R asked:

Me and my boyfriend (16) are going to have an all day movie day at my house on friday since we dont have skool and we need a list of some good movies please.

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8 Responses to “Movie day with my boyfriend, list of good movies pleeease?”
  1. Critical_rationalist Says:

    Before Sunrise
    Before Sunset (must be watched AFTER before sunrise!)
    Shrek 2

  2. Madi B Says:

    benjamin button was really good but its still in theaters

  3. Ying Says:

    Eagle Eyes [thriller]
    Get Smart [comedy]
    First Daughter [romance]
    Definitely, Maybe [romance]
    Love, Actually [romance]
    Kung Fu Panda [comedy]
    Prom Night [horror]

  4. Kat Says:

    Die Hard 4.0 (Bruce Willis)
    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Robert Downy Jr.)
    Smokin’ Aces (Ryan Reynolds)
    V for Vendetta (Hugo Weaving/Natalie Portman)
    When Harry Met Sally (Billy Crystal/Meg Ryan)
    Superbad (McLovin)
    The Machinist (Christian Bale)
    The Prestige (Bale/Hugh Jackman)

  5. Babak Says:

    Ghost Town
    Step Brothers
    kill bill 1/2

  6. Thomas C Says:

    The 1960s batman movie is supper funny.
    Kung fu panda is surprisingly good and assume.
    The mummy tomb of etc etc is wonderful.
    You can’t go wrong with chitty chitty bang bang or the wizard of oz.
    King kong (black and white) is amazing.
    Spider man would be good for him.
    Mamma mia would be fun for every one. (but you may want ear plugs for perice brosmans singing).
    Iron man would be good for girls but better for boys.
    And if you want one or two movies that are still in the cinema.
    The curious case of benjamin button (great and wonderful).
    Yes man (if you liked the new get smart movie you would like this).
    WALL.E is back by popular demand in some cinemas (this I have not seen). And that is about it. Have a great movie day.

  7. Michaela C Says:

    My Best Friends Girl
    with Dane Cook and Kate Hudson.

    Big Daddy
    with Adam Sandler and Joey Lauren Adams.

    independant film

    the Rocky Horror Picture Show
    Tim Curry and Susan Surandan.

    all of these are great movies but you have to be ready to watch the last one.

  8. eternal sunshine Says:

    Alot Like Love..
    Love Actually…
    Addicted To Love..
    American Pie..
    50 First Dates..
    27 Dresses..
    10 Things I **** About You..
    She’s All That..
    Runaway Bride..
    My Big Fat Greek Wedding..
    Coming to America..
    Sweet Home Alabama..
    My Best Friend’s Wedding..
    You’ve Got Mail..
    Sleepless in Seattle..
    America’s Sweethearts..
    When Harry Met Sally……
    While You Were Sleeping..
    How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days..
    What Happens in Vegas..
    Bridget Jones’s Diary..
    Fool’s Gold..
    Forgetting Sarah Marshall..
    The Wedding Planner..
    Just Married…
    Never Been Kissed..
    There Is Something About Mary….
    Music and Lyrics…
    Made of Honor..
    Sense and Sensibility..
    About a Boy..
    Fever Pitch..
    Blind Date..
    French Kiss..
    Rumor Has It…
    The Princess Bride..
    Office Space..
    Raising Arizona…
    What Women Want..
    Pretty Woman…
    Sex and the City..
    Just Like Heaven..

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