Why Do People Care What They Wear To The Movies?

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Bout Merde asked:

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of question that have to do with either what to wear to the movies or how to wear your hair. But your in the dark and nobody see’s you. Does it really make sense?
MACprincess: Yeah it does.

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20 Responses to “Why Do People Care What They Wear To The Movies?”
  1. Veronica U Says:

    low-self esteem

  2. heatherox961 Says:

    in case a cute guy or girl is there ;)

  3. m. Says:

    why do you care that they care?
    maybe they just want to look good in front of their friends or maybe they have a date or something.

  4. xXRainbowSkittlesXx Says:

    usually it’s because they are trying to dress to impress their date, who will see them before the movie actually starts. but you’re right. when you’re in the theatre it doesn’t even matter.

  5. LOLWTFBBQ Says:

    cause they’re SOOOOOOOO shallow

    especially middle school girls

  6. =D Says:

    usually theyre going on dates and they want their date to like them. people who are just starting to date usually go on movies and that means they are very self consious and vulnerable in their relationship because it just started… they wanna look good. MIDDLEL SCHOOL GIRLS ARE NOT SHALLOW @ ALL! THE GUYS ARE!

  7. ♥ candycookie ♥ Says:

    i dont get it either…..i just wear whatever i feel like wearing. i think ppl like to dress up for guys who arent their bfs before and after the movie……..lol

  8. numbnuts Says:

    myself..i dont really care..i’m going to watch a movie and buy a big bucket of buttery popcorn and soft drink…this way if i have an accident…so what…i’m not going to a fashion show or broadway play…

  9. MACprincess♥ Says:

    Um what if they’re going on a DATE an after the movies they’re going to DINNER……?

    Just because its dark means you should look sloppy or not take pride in ur appearance?
    people saying you ave low self esteem if you look nice going to the movies WOW.

  10. sweetie, you had me. Says:

    generally before and after a movie people can see what you wear.

  11. The Carter Says:

    you never no who you’ll meet at the movies. or a casual outing. so you want to always look good

  12. Mr. Goodhi © Says:

    Because they have an obsession with what other people might think of them.

  13. Bess Says:

    MACprincess♥- That’s almost exactly what I was going to say.

    Usually when I go to the movies with my boyfriend, that’s not all we end up doing. Sometimes we go out to eat, or just chill with his friends (where it’s not dark), so I want to look nice.
    people saying you ave low self esteem if you look nice going to the movies WOW.

    Yeah, really. Just because someone likes to look nice, that doesn’t mean they **** themselves.

  14. gossip girl ;) Says:

    well, movies are usually where you go on a date, so when you meet the person in front of the theater and if and when you go out for dinner afterward, they’re gonna see how you look.

    you know you love me. xoxo, gossip girl ;)

  15. ROT IN HELL Says:

    Im assuming you’re a lonely old guy who goes to the movies ALONE alot..LOL get a life!

  16. piiinklovex Says:

    just because its dark doesnt mean you should dress like a slob. and the lobby isnt dark so people will see you there.

  17. formerly known as gohangirl708 Says:

    Um…I don’t care. And I wasn’t aware that people did. Is it for people who are going on a date because they might do something else afterwards.

  18. ♥♥♥ Says:

    becasue before and after its nto dark.. and why des it matter… maybe your jsut a slob and u dont like to look nice but others do =]]

  19. nickaroni94 Says:

    Because although short, there is a period of time where you have not yet entered the theatre. and when people see you, you best be lookin good. Plus looking really cute makes you feel good. And especially during the summer when you don’t have school, you need a place to show off your outfits.

  20. I Give Myself The Creeps Says:

    because they want to get laid

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