What is the best horror, suspense, action, and drama movies of all time?

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Jon B asked:

I wanna watch some good movies so give me ur opinions, you dont have to answer all of the categories.

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5 Responses to “What is the best horror, suspense, action, and drama movies of all time?”
  1. wicked Says:

    Horror is not really horror these days. The asian versions on The Ring and Shutter like movies seem better. I liked Nightmare on Elm Street. The American Haunting. The best vampire movie was…oh what was the name…30days of night i think it was. Other movies from Anthony Hopkins seem great like Fracture. I liked the Silence of the Lambs etc. There’s plenty to choose from.

  2. tucker_ficklin Says:

    The Exorcist.

    Scariest movie EVER!

  3. Arya Says:

    The Exorcist, Jaws, Halloween and Friday The 13th

    Dead Again (1991) ,Primal Fear (1996) ,Joy Ride (2001) ,Se7en,Silence of the Lambs (1991)



  4. Michael M Says:

    Although there are so many good, trashy and tacky ones, The Exorcist is by far the best. THe acting, oddly enough, is incredible as is the directing and all of the design aspects. I will never forget that I was an usher when the movie came out – long lines, sell out crowds. At one showing, some guy who was in the air forcee left at the pea soup scene to go to the restroom. I went in shortly after to clean up, and he had passed out, hitting his head on the sink. I had to go find his girlfriend. I thought, wow, this must be some scary movie! Up until that time I had only seen a scene here and there. My next day off, I was sure to see the entire movie. It is one with realpeoplee who we could identify with. It is that realism that makes it the best!

  5. Derek F Says:

    Horror- Exorcist, the original Omen, Feast, The Shining
    Action- Layer Cake, Casino Royal, Green Street Hooligans
    Drama- No Country For Old Men, A Clockwork Orange, There Will Be Blood, Amores Peros, Apocalypse Now….

    And the list goes on but that should keep you occupied for a while.

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