Why do movies portray women forgiving infidelity so much?

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PortWine asked:

Men cheat a little more than women, but movies and shows seem to portray the image of the man cheating and the woman going back to him. Do women forgive this more than men do?

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9 Responses to “Why do movies portray women forgiving infidelity so much?”
  1. Elle M Says:

    Newsflash. Women do forgive infidelity a lot, but then so do men.

  2. Rainbow Says:

    Probably because a man wrote the movie, and wants his wife to forgive him his indescretions.

    When a wife forgives an indescretion, it may be because she wants to rebuild the relationship, instead of going out into the dating world and starting a whole new one.

    I can tell you that most men I know have a lot of trouble forgiving infidelity.

  3. The Mrs. Says:

    Yes, I think it happens more than not. Just look at Hillary.

  4. Flyinghorse Says:

    Without going into details, but I met through an organization a lot of women trying to recover from cheating husbands. Most women forgave their husbands, some separated for a while and eventually went back together, even went back to abusive husbands. Most of them had children.
    Some others had their own affairs as a result of been so neglected,.When that happened most husbands left immediately blaming them, although they had not been honest themselves to begin with.
    Fewer just left them, no forgiveness at all.

    Nevertheless, I think it has to do much more about personality and how do you see a relationship than if you are a man or a woman. Also the dynamics of each relationship is different and this has also an effect on the other person’s reaction to infidelity. Other thing to consider is how the partner finds out: it was a honest conversation or by discovering the lie. This is an extremelly complex issue, which changes from one relationship to other. But in general women tend to be more forgiving


  5. Lioness Says:

    I think so. I think cheating has an entirely different impact on men than it does on women.

    Firstly, it has been socially and culturally normalized for men to cheat. It’s one of those subconsciously expected incidents that every woman somewhat prepares herself for. When a man cheats, we hurt but find some external excuse as in the other woman being prettier etc. When a woman cheats, she has not only been disloyal, but she’s also discrediting his manhood. Women externalize the reason while men internalize (looks vs manhood). This is why it’s harder for men to get over being cheated on.

    Secondly, women are subconsciously attracted to the womanizer /charm factor when a man cheats (thumb me down as much as you want but this is the secret truth). There is a reason why Bill Clinton’s popularity level went to the highest by women after the Monica Lewinsky incident. When a woman cheats, since she’s (sub)consciously supposed to represent purity, it conflicts with the image of being a woman and some men can’t get over the image conflict in their mind.

    I hope that made sense.

  6. lordkelvin Says:

    Well…. to listen to Hillery one would think so… But men are pigs and I think that this seemed one sided forgiveness is nothing more than wishful (hopeful) thinking on men’s part

  7. RoVale Says:

    At least Hillary Clinton stayed with her husband. Newt Gingrich’s wife divorced him and I suspect Laura Bush will ditch George when he leaves office.

  8. Shadow Dweller Says:

    forgive my @ss….cheat on me and ur dead to me…if i dont decide to kill you and that tramp you slept with first.

    i dont ever cheat and expect the same of any man i would get with.

  9. Phil #3 Says:

    Movies portray what is popular with viewers, not necessarily what is real. Even the based on true events take liberties with the truth of real life to make the movie more palatable to more viewers. The bottom line is the driving force. Even documentaries stray from the truth but usually only to drive an agenda.

    While it may or may not be true that women are willing to forgo the cheating of their mate, when women say they ‘forgive’, they seem to mean it will be held in reserve and brought out PRN (as needed).

    While a woman may not divorce over it, they almost never forgive any real or even perceived wrong. The same is probably true for men. The difference between men and women is that while neither forget it, men are less likely to bring it up, especially in a later, completely unconnected argument.

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