Is it illegal to watch movies online?

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berner526 asked:

I’ve seen sites online that allow you to watch full length movies, movies that are in theaters now, without renting/downloading them. Are they illegal?
If they are illegal, are there any sites that are actually legal?

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4 Responses to “Is it illegal to watch movies online?”
  1. =] live laugh love. Says:

    Uh yeah Illegal

  2. Random Wood Says:

    Yes it’s illegal.. but if you don’t caught then it’s totally legal.
    I mean you really have low to slim chances of getting caught.

  3. proudnoob Says:

    It is legal to watch movies (recent or old) uploaded by others. However, it is illegal to upload the movies.

    hope this helps.

  4. iluvharry123 Says:

    My friend told me that just watching movies in full while they are still in theaters is illegal. I disagree. I mean, whoever posted the movie online is doing something illegal. They aren’t giving the rights to the rightful owners and is committing copyright infringement.

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