Movies based on books that are just as good as the book?

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Kristen S asked:

Generally speaking I believe that the book is always better. The only movie/book combo that I’ve found that even comes close is Gone with the Wind. Are there any movies based on books that you think the movie is just as good if not better than the book?

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10 Responses to “Movies based on books that are just as good as the book?”
  1. Breaking Dawn Says:

    Barely any :(

  2. Persiphone_Hellecat Says:

    The Maltese Falcon. To Have and Have Not.

    Old movies – when they actually knew how to make movies. Pax-C

  3. Claire M Says:

    Great expectations

  4. vickie Says:

    Yes… I do…. Harry Potter Series is just like the movie, and it adds a little more to the suspension…….

  5. vitu Says:

    i believe the ORIGINAL is always better. so like in lord of the rings the movie is better than the books and in harry potter the books are better than the movies….:)

  6. ridofme Says:

    Interview With A Vampire
    Fight Club

  7. Sudeep King of Scorn Says:

    The English Patient
    Age of Innocence

  8. Nottinghill Says:

    I nominate Scent of a Woman. It was adapted by Bo Goldman. It was adapted from the novel ‘Il buio e il miele ‘ by Giovanni Arpino. Rarely does a screen adaptation retain the juice from a print. Goldman also does it with his personal touch. He has this finesse that is almost impossible to miss or not relish in his screenplays. I have said it before and may I say it here again, Bravo, Mr Goldman.

  9. 4Wheels Says:

    About the only thing I can come up with is The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock. Scary as hell but good

  10. ALEXIS Says:

    Some books turned movies that I’ve liked just as much or more then the books have been:

    Girl, Interrupted
    The Secret Garden
    The Princess Bride
    The Chronicles of Narnia

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