What is a good program to download movies?

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j_v1410 asked:

I mean something like limewire but that is meant for movies and the movies are in good quality,so yea I need a program that can download movies in good quality,thnx

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6 Responses to “What is a good program to download movies?”
  1. Rolando D Says:

    You can try iTunes. ***I do not recommend limewire because it was proven to create viruses on your computer***

  2. Josh S Says:

    go to tvshack.com you don’t have to download them, they got a lot of movies for free to watch on there site

  3. Paulinka Says:

    Torrents are great way of downloading large files quickly. They are kinda like pointers to the actual files and are very tiny. You can download them from sites like , or – the last one is for free CC licensed music. Then you drag the torrent to software like FrostWire (http://www.frostclick.com/wp/) and it makes the application find all instances of that file available on other peoples computers…. seconds later the exact file you wanted is being downloaded from multiple locations (from other peers) to your computer.

    There is a but though – there is lots of illegal files being shared that way, so you have to remember that the responsibility of respecting the copyright is on you!

    Hope it helps…

  4. 4MIN.name Says:

    sky share manager

  5. Michael A Says:

    Graboid Video is a Windows download application that acts like a dedicated web browser for videos. You can find over 130.000 videos if you are going to use Graboid Video. All the videos are in full feature length, full screen and in some cases you will find even High Definition ( HD ) video files. One of the most enjoyed features at this software is his ability to perform fast download speeds but that depends on your Internet connection speed.

  6. moviesaxxo Says:

    It’s easy to download movies without paying for them!

    You can use bittorrent to download movies. You just need a bittorrent client and a .torrent file and the downloading can begin.

    I suggest you download torrentQ which is an easy-to-use bittorrent client. You can download it here ( ) The download will start automatically.

    Then, you go to thepiratebay.org, search for your movie, save the .torrent file, open Qtorrent, add the .torrent file and the downloading process will start!

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