How do guys in **** movies last so long without even leaking a drop?

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Peaton asked:

Is it a movie trick, special effects, an hability, are they super HUMANS or what?? is anyone familiar with the filming of these movies.

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7 Responses to “How do guys in **** movies last so long without even leaking a drop?”
  1. Jims Jennifer 3 Says:

    Not super humans, its medication. And filming fun. A lot of time they dont go nonstop like you see. I’m not into **** but I read a lot about people who used to work in the industry. Many guys get sick or have to have surgery later in their life because of problems from the medication.

    On a lighter note… dont we wish all men could hold out that long? ;)

  2. Jake F Says:

    viagra, cialis, any of the the e.d. drugs will make you go for hours without ever getting off the bus, so to speak. also **** stars catch the bus so often, that it takes longer and longer to reach their destination.

  3. Ice Khou Says:

    They are **** stars for a reason….

  4. wayne_rx007 Says:

    brrrrr … wrong answer , in any one porno scene the actors get paid for two scenes … the final cut is a mix of both scenes the scenes could be done that day or over 2 days take a close look at your next movie and you will see some inconsistency’s in the scene … cheers

  5. king Vincent Says:

    it’s the magic of video editing, when they are going to c*m, the video will pause for a while, then the actors will get some rest, and when it already take a long rest, they will copy the last position, and again and again, that’s why when they c*m, there is so much volume of se*ens right? because it was saved for the right time of ejac***tion. good luck

  6. Wake up Says:

    Hi there,

    I had watched a **** movies which was a making up of **** movies. Sometimes, the **** star need to do it for a few times and then someone will edit and remake the film to a longer one.

    And if you are observant enough, you will noticed that the film will repeat certain scenes over and over again for a few times to drag the whole show.

    And also sometimes they will arrange a few camera in different positions, what they need to do is, join all the different angles into the film and drag it longer.

    Of course, taking prolong medications and apply so prolong oil into the ***** will help to prolong the stars from coming so soon too

  7. Johnny N Says:

    The pornstar’s ****** is so loose that the male can’t feel anything. HAHAHA!

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