Frequently Asked Questions About Multi Level Marketing Opportunities

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bWhat does MLM mean?/bbr /
MLM is an acronym that stands for Multi Level Marketing. Multi level marketing is a business model wherein you are directed to recruit more members into the network. Anyone that you sign-up into the program is considered one of your first-level members. If your first-level members sign-up other people, then the newcomers are considered your second-level members, and so on and so forth. br /
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Multi level marketing bears a striking similarity to network marketing programs. The main difference lies in how you earn money from each program. In a network marketing scheme you can earn money by selling your partners products; you may also earn money by getting more downlines. In an MLM opportunity, on the other hand, you only earn money when you recruit new affiliates or members. br /
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bWhat is a Downline?/bbr /
Downline is a term used to describe people whom you have recruited, directly or indirectly, under the terms of a multi level marketing opportunity. Downlines are most often the source of rewards in an MLM set-up. Generally, the more downlines you have, the higher the income you can expect to have. br /
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bWhat is a Commission Plan?/bbr /
When deciding on which MLM or network marketing program to join, one of the most important things you should consider is the commission structure. This is the factor that will most directly affect your income under the MLM opportunity. br /
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Usually, you will receive a percentage of sales according to the number and proximity of downlines that you have. For instance, you might to stand to earn 30 percent of first level sales, 20 percent of second level sales, etc., or perhaps 30 percent of a first level recruit membership fee. Additionally, most companies offer bonuses to their members when certain sales volumes or recruitment metrics have been reached. br /
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bWhat is an autoship?/bbr /
An autoship is a unique insurance policy that might be either beneficial or harmful, depending in the person involved. In an MLM or network marketing opportunity, you only get paid once you are reached a certain target volume. However, some people sign up for programs and consequently do not do any work at all ?and yet expect commissions from the work that other people have done. An autoship policy prevents such people from taking undue advantage of the work of others, it automatically orders a minimum amount of a product or service to be paid for by the representative. This policy does not affect active members, but will certainly be a problem for inactive members. br /
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bAnything else I need to know?/bbr /
Yes. MLM opportunities are excellent moneymaking programs. However, do not make the mistake that everything will be easy or effortless. Multi level marketing is a business, and profits have to be made before commissions are paid out. If you produce, you wont have to worry about your /
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bOpportunity/bbr /
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