How do you put movies on an iPod?

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Shari J asked:

I’ve had my 30gb video iPod for a year now and I still never figured out how to put movies or television shows on it. I know you need a movie converter or some sort of program to transfer them to your iPod. Where can I get this? Are there any websites that allow me to do this?

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4 Responses to “How do you put movies on an iPod?”
  1. beautifulxperfectxlie Says:

    Converters are illegal, but you can download them free. Though even though they are illegal best buy sells one, but stick with downloading them. If you want to download the program go to any site like ask, google, or dogpile and type in converters.

  2. cutey me Says:

    Use itunes. Drag the movie and drop it on teh ipod icon or download from limewire.

  3. ashgfu321 Says:

    You can get a converter from . Its $30 to buy a program that they have that is made just for putting movies on Ipod. You can download a free trial of the software, but it only does the first five minutes of any video, which is only good for putting short video clips. But if you want a wholemovie on your Ipod you’ll have to buy it.

  4. ☺☻♥aku ya AKU♦♣♠ Says:

    u can put ur dvd’s movie to ipod.. try this:

    step 1.
    go to this web address (do not include the spaces):
    www .xilisoft. com /downloads /x-dvd-to-ipod-converter .exe
    and download the xilisoft software.

    step 2.
    install it on your computer.

    step 3.
    unlock the program by opening it, going to the help tab and entering the following registration code (do not include the spaces):
    F71DC344F73424E44D8538B9- 56E7 -92E2- 5D6D

    (I have to put spaces in the links and registration code because yahoo will block this type of info otherwise)

    step 4.
    to add a dvd, insert the dvd into your computer (you must have a dvd-rom drive on your computer to put dvds on your ipod)

    on the xilisoft application, select profile and select the appropriate ipod.

    step 6.
    click on the dvd button on the xilisoft screen and select your dvd drive as the source.
    or for a video on your computer select the appropriate file you wish to convert.

    step 7.
    select the destination by picking which folder you would like to save the video to.

    step 8.
    once all the information has been gathered from your dvd, click the red record button to start ripping the dvd. this will take several hours because it must also convert the files to mpeg4 format.

    step 9.
    once the dvd has been ripped, open the folder you set as the destination and select the files you wish to put onto your ipod, you may want to preview these files first by playing them with quicktime.

    step 10.
    drag and drop the selected video files into your itunes library or use itunes to add the files to your library.

    step 11.
    plug your ipod into your computer and put the videos onto your ipod!

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