Find Out How London Translation Company Can Increase French Sales French Sales To UK SME’s.

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What if you could generate unlimited internet business with your new a href= target=_blankfrench sales/a system ? br /
br /
So far UK e-commerce may use ordinary French translation services without taking full advantage of /
br /
Have you ever thought of asking your London translation service provider the following questions:br /
- How to get more business using your French translation services?br /
- How to convert your French translation request into a French sales opportunity?br /
- How to optimise your French translation enquiries and to cut cost down?br /
br /
Whatever your needs could be, having an English-French translation of your professional material makes it accessible to your international market and also to your international audience. br /
br /
5 steps to increase your sales in France:br /
br /
- Develop your own French business department,br /
- Generate more French internet business,br /
- Reduce your international marketing costs,br /
- Have a permanent French business /
br /
Also, make sure you choose a professional French online marketer to deal with your marketing strategy. This Expert must offer more than French translation /
br /
This could be an important decision and a competitive advantage for your company, especially in the current economic situation. br /
br /
The winning formula: French copywriting and Free French Translation!br /
br /
When it comes to internet solutions, French translation has to be considered very carefully, for the following reasons:br /
br /
A – Your actual English documents do not have to be translated as such because you need to consider your message from a French perspective. So be very careful before translating your existing website or any other commercial /
br /
B – You would start searching your local professional translator to get the job done. Although the translation service provider may be competent and reliable, they are not SEO copywriters!br /
br /
C – Some French expressions could alter your commercial writings such as:br /
- Make money = Faire de l’argent – right French translation but not appropriate for commercial /
- Buy 1 get 1 free = Achetez 1 obtenez-en 1 gratuit – right French translation but not appropriate for commercial /
- Good value for money = Bonne valeur pour de l’argent – right French translation but not appropriate for commercial /
br /
D – Make sure your local professional translator knows your business /
What is your USP? Are you sure your best service in the UK would perform as well in France?br /
br /
5 main benefits to run your own French Sales System:br /
br /
- Benefit #1: French Sales System works 24/7, 365 days/year,br /
- Benefit #2: French Sales System generates sales leads on the internet while you sleep or stay in your UK office,br /
- Benefit #3: French Sales System accepts secured payment,br /
- Benefit #4: It answers your customers queries in French for /
- Benefit #5: Your French Sales system works on autopilot, meaning:br /
br /
- No French staff,br /
- No holidays,br /
- No tea breaks,br /
- No time off,br /
- No office,br /
- No desk,br /
And No SALARY to pay from you! Plus you Do Not Need to Speak any French. Interesting, isn’t it?br /
br /
Yes you heard it:br /
- No salary br /
- No agency commission fees. br /
- No need to advertise. br /
- No time wasting interviewing candidate. br /
br /
Only what you need: br /
Sales, Customers services and Repeat Business!br /
br /
How’s that possible? br /
Find out how your new French website can generate a href= target=_blanklondon french translation/a on demand as our French marketing experts tailor the system to your specific needs. br /
br /
For important knowledge about a href= – study quoted publication.

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