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Laptops are great device in world gadget. The portability and its feature make people very interesting on having it. It’s more difficult to write your final thesis during you collect the data manually than you write it directly to your laptop. Then, if you’re on business trip, it’s so simple to present the information to client through laptop. Both of the conditions show that laptop is so efficient. And nowadays many manufacturers build the a href= target=_blanksmall laptop computer/a to help you more than efficiency. You have no need to bring heavy device that cause shoulder or back pain in the future. There are several brands famous in small laptop computers. Let’s check this smallest laptop computer /
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Acer Aspire Onebr /
From experience, Acer have produced some type of laptop in price that relatively not expensive. The small laptop computers from Acer have been known as Acer Aspire One. The design and features are fulfilling the needs from user. It’s not for heavy computing, but for email, writing, browsing, it’s completely satisfying. And that’s not a big deal with the internet connection. You can just plug and play the internet device, and your browser can work /
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Asus Eeebr /
Asus has come with its small laptop computers with Asus Eee. It has 160GB of Hard Drives, 4 cell battery, and can give 5 hours battery lifetime. The cons come from its keyboard. It’s so tiny and not comfortable to type. But it’s not a problem, you can use external keyboard that comfortable with you. This product comes with many types. Just pick up as what you /
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The Asus Eee may be designed for children or older customer. But it’s a best option for those who search a lightweight budget /
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HP Mini-Notebr /
The design from HP Mini-Note as HP Small Mini Laptop Computers is confiscate public attention. It is so stylish and has professional looks. And more, it has a wide size keyboard, almost 90 from its place, then, big hard disk capacity space, and beautiful screen. br /
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But in other hand, the processor is slow. If you use the Vista Operating System, the speed is not good enough. And the design from its touch pad is rather weird because left and right click is not in the usual position. br /
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Conclusionbr /
Small Mini Laptop Computers is undoubted portability. Three types above have its pros and con. Consider what do you need and what feature you want to have before deciding. br /
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Using Small Laptop Computer can be a good option for those who need mobility, simplicity, and even for small budget investment. Even though Small Mini Laptop Computer specification is maybe not as powerful as the ordinary laptop, but it will act as useful as the ordinary laptop. Have a great experience with a href= target=_blankbest small laptop computer/ /
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