ACER Apply Android For Phone, Plus 6 Interesting Facts About Google Phone

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a href= target=_blankT Mobile prepaid phone/a. The term google video phone can have different types of meanings. It can mean getting the google videos on your phone. It can mean the different videos which are available about the new google phone. It can mean the video that can be available on the google phone. In this short article about google video phone let us try to cover all these topics in brief. It is possible to get google videos on your mobile phones. The first requirement is of course fast net connection. If you have these two features in your mobile phone then you are ready for this google video phone service. Srobbin mobile service is the name of the web site where you will get this free service. br /
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Using this web site you can search the google videos. You can get both AVI type files and MP4 files. This is web based free service. To make the downloading of the videos easy, the time duration of these google video is fixed at four minutes. Google video is a web based service where video sharing is done on the web site. Anyone can upload the video clips on the google web servers. This is a free service. The uploaded videos are saved as dot gvi files. This google has bought the “you tube” which is similar company. Now the google video search will search all the videos from competing web sites also and includes the searches from this you tube also. When you get the google video services on the cell phone, you can use these searches. br /
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The search for the news google video phone will give you, different results. You will get all the info about different videos presented on the google phone and reviews of this google phone in the video format. This google company has presented different info regarding the google phone in the video format from time to time. The demo of this google phone was in the video format. There was one google video titled as “google mobile products on android.” br /
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There is google phone user’s video guide also. There were pre launch videos for this google phone. The news conference video was also available. As there is heavy rush for the pre launch booking, it is also available in the video /
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Interesting Facts About Google Phonebr /
Robert Dotson, chief executive of T-Mobile USA, delivered a keynote speech this week at CTIA in Las Vegas. It was full of revealing facts and figures about Google’s G1 smartphone, which launched last fall. Here are the best bits from Dotson’s speech:br /
1. 80 percent of G1 owners browse the web /
2. Four out of five G1 owners download apps at least once a week from the Android. On average, T-Mobile G1 customers have each downloaded more than 40 applications from the Android /
3. An average G1 owner consumes 50 times the data of the average voice-centric phone /
4. Among T-Mobile customers who have purchased the G1, roughly half have traded up from a basic /
5. The majority of T-Mobile G1 owners use Facebook and YouTube at least once a /
6. Half of G1 customers also access Wi-Fi on a daily /
As I’ve said before, armed with the right form factor and a near-perfect browser, average consumers would happily make a smartphone their Net device of /
The good news for T-Mobile is that they have a network that can handle the traffic coming from the G1 Google phone. br /
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