Sexy Hosiery – Modern Hosiery Is Definitely Not Your Grandma’s Nylons

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A long time ago, womens hosiery was for covering up. We wore panty hose to church with our dresses, yes, to accent an outfit, but mostly to cover up that flesh. Well, ladies, times have changed and we are ecstatic! Nowadays, women’s hosiery /is created for looking sexier! The truth of the matter is that we have curves and we want you to know it. We are showing off those curves with the sleekest form fitting styles, silkiest materials, and lacy see-through /
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Ever heard your grandma refer to her “nylons?” Let’s talk about what grandma did not have in mind. Her idea of womens hosiery is a thing of the past. The here and now says that we are uncovering our natural beauty and showcasing our smooth skin with Diamond Net and Flowered Jacquard French cut pantyhose. We are accenting our scrumptious curves with the Opaque Spaghetti Strapped Bodystocking and unleashing our inner temptress with the silky black Satin and Lace Garter Belt. Whether your intent is to capture someone’s attention, make yourself feel sexy, or create a fashionable look and feel that is just right for you, many choices are available to fit your lifestyle. From ankle to knee to thigh, from Back Seemed to Sheer to Ruffled hose, from fiery red Lace Garter Belt and Thong to Seamless Fishnet Halter Bodystockings, it’s all about color, texture, design, fit, and style. You are unique. Your tastes are unique. Shouldn’t your fashion reflect that personality that is yours and your alone?br /
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Too often we neglect the most intimate part of ourselves in our fashion choices. Why should we? Life is in the details and we are a whole package. A great package! What fashion choices are closer to us than our intimate apparel? Panty hose, knee highs, body stockings, garter belts, they all create a look and feel that reflects our innermost desires, fantasies, and sex appeal. With womens hosiery, we get the best of both worlds – a combination of under- and outerwear. What other clothing can you wear that shows off your fashion sense, your outer curves and shimmering sexiness and also allows you to feel the intimacy of a hidden inner you draped in an Open Crotch V Neck Body Stocking that only you know lies beneath your office suit? This is one of the best ways to get attention that you wish for and remain as mysterious as you want to be!br /
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We have re-written the rules of womens hosiery. The rules are that there are no rules. We want what we want and what we want is to look good and feel as beautiful as we know we are. The imagination is endless. Drape yourself in the possibilities. They aren’t grandma’s nylons any more!br /
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