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Most women dream of the perfect wedding, the location, flowers, dresses, arrangements, walking down the aisle a picture of innocence as the perfect bride. Along with these thoughts of innocence are thoughts of the sex kitten lying dormant waiting to be awakened later that night. Marriage and sex, sex and marriage, the two concepts seem to go hand in hand. It is common knowledge that when the bride and her partner leave the wedding reception, they are going to “do the deed”. What better way to set the mood then for the bride to slip out of her innocent wedding attire and into some not-so-innocent a href= target=_blankbridal lingerie/a?br /
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“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” is how the tradition goes. On their wedding night no bride wants to face their partner wearing the same old lingerie set that she has been seen in countless times. No! This is where the, “something new” should come into play, save the “something old” for your grandmother’s jewelry and, please, do not fall back on the “something borrowed”, at least not for the wedding night. Bridal lingerie can be an excellent way to begin a new life with your partner, life full of love, desire, want, need, and sexy outfits. When choosing bridal lingerie most brides still want to maintain the innocent look they had while in their wedding attire, while also coming across ultra sexy and gorgeous. White is never a bad color choice in their area, but do not forget your other colors as well. All light colors still tend to put across an innocent and almost angelic aura that will have the desired effect on your partner. If you would rather not wear white on your wedding night, but still want to maintain the air of innocence try a soft pink or blue, maybe even a coral color, all tend to give off the same innocent, untouchable, /
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In order to maintain the innocent appearance it is also ok to cover up more than usual when putting on a href= target=_blanksexy lingerie/a. Do not be afraid to add a robe or some garters to your ensemble. Half the fun is undressing the other person, right? Some brides may also consider investing in hosiery and garter belts. These items are not only appealing to look at, but they are also sensual to touch. With some sexy bridal lingerie your wedding night is guaranteed to be more fun than the wedding /
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Maybe you are not the bride; maybe you are the bride’s best friend. What can you do to ensure that your friend has a wonderful honeymoon? Pick out some lingerie for her!! No one said only the bride can buy bridal lingerie. Most brides admit that their sexiest lingerie sets have come from friends, given as gifts during their wedding shower. Some brides are just too conservative to buy bridal lingerie for themselves, but if it is given as a gift they will gladly wear it. So do not be stingy, share your kinky taste with your friend, and buy her that lacy, white, semi-transparent corset top and thong set she has been admiring for months. Chances are, not only is she going to be thanking you upon her return from her honeymoon, but her partner will as /
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