The Guide About 360 Garmin Nuvi? Yes, Portable Gps Systems. Its All Here!

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The Global Positioning System or GPS is a a href= target=_blankportable gps/a, which uses satellites and computers to locate position of a receiver on this world. It is a constellation of 24 satellites, which channeling data to GPS, so that software in the receiver can determine a coordinate in three dimensions (altitude, latitude, and longitude). It works without stop and in all weather situations. GPS was declared fully functional in 1985. GPS is used for leading on land, sea and /
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This tracking devices were originally developed by the U.S. Department of Defense for use in precision weapon delivery. Today, GPS tracking systems are more common to the general public. There are two types of GPS tracking: passive and real time. A passive GPS tracker will record travel activities and positions, which can be downloaded to a computer. A real time GPS tracking system will show its location, /
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Availability of better and cheaper GPS devices has bring to extensive application of GPS systems. Compact size is another buy factor. In addition to operating from a cars battery, a few of portable GPSs have inside rechargeable batteries that will supply the device from 4 to 15 hours. Size and weight may also be a choice for pedestrian use. A portable GPS can be any small handheld gadget like a wristwatch or radio. GPS watches can be fitted with a GPS receiver, which relays a signal to a central command center equipped with GPS software systems. The system can track the position of the wearer and transmit the information. A variety of such GPS phones and wristbands are today sold in the market. They are useful to back /
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Lates portable GPS systems have text-to-speech feature. Text-to-speech is a technology that enables a portable GPS to say out any street name. Most GPSs will spell an upcoming turn with a phrase such as, In point-5 miles, turn right. br /
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Those with text-to-speech capability can speak a turn like this: In 400 feet turn right on Cherry Street. Since the name of the street is announced, you dont have to take your eyes off the road to look at the /
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The next feature for car GPS is live traffic data thats fed directly into your navigation system to warn you to construction delays and accidents along your planned route and suggest detours. This summer, both Garmin and Magellan will be adding Bluetooth capabilities to their new products. Bluetooth-enabled GPSs let you make hands-free phone calls from your Bluetooth-enabled phone. Because most POIs (Point Of Interest) include phone /
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360 Garmin Nuvibr /
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The a href= target=_blankgarmin nuvi 360 gps/a is a popular portable GPS among consumers posting at The GPS itself is a small gadget slightly larger than a pack of playing cards that sports a 3.5-inch touch screen and a folding out SiRFIII GPS antenna. The SiRF Star IIIs TTFF (Time to First Fix) is really fast. In normal use, the device will keep a signal lock, but if you travel long distances or turn it off for an extended period of time, the device must reorient itself and collect that first fix on its /
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Garmin 360 navigation unit is so small and luxury compared to other portable GPS /
Specifications :br /
• Dimensions: 3.87W x 2.91H x .87Dbr /
• Weight: 5.1 ouncesbr /
• Screen: 2.8W x 2.1H; 3.5 diag. with resolution: 320 x 240 pixelsbr /
• Screen type: QVGA color antiglare TFT with white backlight with quick touch-screen /
• Ultrasensitive SiRF Star III GPS /
• An MP3 player, Audible Book player (subscription required), JPEG viewer, World Clock, Currency and Measurement Converters and Calculator round out the wide array of extra-curricular /
• Battery: rechargeable lithium-ion that Garmin claims will last up to 8 /
• Travel Kit is the “rest of the story” sub-menu for all kinds of /
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The Bads of Garmin 360 GPSbr /
The Nuvi 360 GPS is nearly the identical twin brother of the popular (and less expensive) nuvi 350. The MP3 player is that it only plays MP3’s. As you might expect, the speaker sounded small. This navigation gadget has no multi-point routingbr /
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The Goods of Garmin 360 GPSbr /
The impressive new technology that sets the 360 apart is Bluetooth hands-free calling. If your phone’s address book is compatible with Garmin’s address protocol, the Garmin GPS 360 will place calls directly from your /
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