What are your favourite post apocalyptic novels and movies?

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Tripper asked:

Ok well I’ve always loved post apocalyptic media, and was wondering what the favourites are of some other people in this genre? I thought McCarthy’s The Road was absolutely amazing, and 28 days later is one of my favourite movies easily (but the sequel was way too overdone). I would even like to hear of some old classic books, I loved Earth Abides by George Stewart.

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8 Responses to “What are your favourite post apocalyptic novels and movies?”
  1. Mercurial Mich Says:

    Some of my favourite post apocalyptic movies are:
    Day of the Triffids – John Wyndham
    [also a great 1981 mini-series of the same name]

    The Omega Man – much better than the remake I Am Legend – the first version of this story was The Last Man on Earth (Vincent Price, 1964)
    The Stand
    The Mad Max movies – especially Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome
    Planet of the Apes (not the remake, the Charlton Heston version, 1968)
    Jericho – TV series

    Resurrection Day (Brendan DuBois) and Day of the Triffids would have to be my two favourite post-apocalyptic novels

    Post-apocalyptic alien scenarios (if they count) – my favourite two would be the TV series V and The Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

  2. Twist Of Cain Says:

    28 weeks later. Amazing. Can’t believe you didn’t like it.

    Day of the Dead also.

    Read The Stand by Stephen King. The movie ids terrible.

  3. Asparagus Says:

    28 DAYS Later

    The Day After Tomorrow

  4. Andrea E Says:

    Have you seen I am legend directed by Francis Lawrence? Maybe you don’t know it’s inspired on the novel by Richard Matheson he wrote in 1954 (the title is the same). I liked it. Bye!

  5. caring carer Says:

    The Stand by Stephen King is brilliant
    48 by James Herbert

    Day of the Triffids
    War of the Worlds

  6. Kerry Says:

    Battlestar Galactica!

    I also love Good Omens, though that one is pre-, not post- , Apocalypse.

  7. pipette Says:

    I have to agree that Stephen King’s The Stand is really fantastic, but his book Cell is also very good. I imagine they will make a movie out of it eventually, and that it will not be as good as the book. Also his Dark Tower series is along these lines.

  8. Darwinall Says:

    News from Nowhere by William Morris was a favorite of mine. I had been reading many future novels, dystopias, and post apocalyptic stories with grim views of a grim struggle for existence. I was becoming grim. This was a warm comfort, with a very different style of language and rhythm.

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