Tips and Techniques To Save Your Marriage

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Marriages are no more made in heaven then anything else that involves human relationships. More than half of all marriages end up in divorce, and a good portion of the other half that do stay together are not dramatically happy, they simply stay together often for the sake of the children or else to avoid having to pay out fortunes in divorce payments and alimony; whilst secretly crying out in their heads for someone to help save my marriage. Now, whilst all of what I’ve said is true, you shouldn’t despair, or somehow feel that marriage is a bad idea, or a lost cause.  Quite the contrary is true. It is simply that most people approach marriage in the wrong way. What they really need to first do is help to save their own marriages by being proactive, and I will discuss one great tactic to start doing that in this article.

Luckily, the way to turn things around in your marriage is actually much quicker then the path you are on to divorce. You simply need to start appreciating each other again, and start seeing each other in the same light that you did when you first went out. When you first met it was probably passionate very quickly, or at the very least it developed into passion and love at some stage. You may have let it slip, but you can get it back. One of the immediate things that you need to do is to start talking to your partner properly again. Not just about politics, what is wrong with the world or your boss. But about all the juice of life stuff that used to make you smile together, used to make you laugh.

So, how can you go about getting your marriage back on track? How can you pull off something that seems like nothing short of a minor miracle to couples who may have been arguing and bickering constantly.   One thing that you can immediately do is to sit down with your partner and each write down a list of what initially attracted you to the other person. Now, depending on the stage of the breakdown in your relationship, your partner may or may not be willing to do this. If not then you will have to try something else, but do your best to get them to agree as this is a very heartfelt exercise to commence with reconstructing your relationship and learning how to save marriage that you may have thought was gone for good.

If your partner will agree to this exercise then you already know that you have a great shot at bringing things back to the way they used to be. You may not both be singing from the same hymn sheet just yet, but at least there is enough common ground in place that they actively want a reconciliation to work out, and recognise that what you are attempting to do is a positive and not a negative. You can also then progress the process even further by taking a look at a book like 1000 questions for couples which can really get you talking together like you haven’t in years. Once you have both sat down and started writing then immediately the atmosphere will change for the better. The reason is simply that each of your minds will waft you to a nicer time when you were in love and felt a great deal of stability in the notion.

Once you have gone through this exercise then you will most likely experience a state change. Another way to think of this is what happens to you when in the middle of a massive rainstorm where you are walking outside, the clouds part, and the sun suddenly comes out. In the split second after the clouds have gone and the rain has stopped, the difference it makes to your mood is palpable. It lifts your spirits and immediately puts you in a more productive frame of mind for your walk. The same thing happens in your relationship when you ask your partner to think back to the good times. It literally makes the clouds part and the sun come out. I am sure you will notice the difference. It won’t solve all your marriage problems overnight, but it is at least a start and sometimes beginning is half done :-)

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