Reissue guitars – Epiphone BB King Lucille and Epiphone Sheraton II

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Each and every guitar player has at least two or three awesome guitar masters that they love to try and emulate.

In most cases it is impossible to play like any of the greatest guitarists as there are so many variables possible when replicating sound and tone.

What exactly contributes to the sound and tone of a player is made up of elements including the style of guitar being played, the type of pickups, the guitars tone and volume settings, the guage of guitar strings used, and of course the type and settings for the amplifier – and this is even before considering the actual player and how they manipulate the strings.

When it comes to the blues and unique sounds, the first two guitarists that spring to mind are BB King and John Lee Hooker.

A really fantastic guitar that is uniquely connected to BB King is the Epiphone BB King Lucille electric guitar designed originally by Gibson.

As well as being absolutely gorgeous to look at, it also has some very groovy features such as stereo and Varitone .

Playing nearly every night of the week while being well into his seventies in my view makes BB King one of the ultimate entertainers of the last 50 years.

You can’t help but be inspired by his dedication to the blues genre and to his dedicated fans all over the world. What an example for all of us part time players out there who imagine themselves being able to perform in the limelight just that one time!

Another great guitar I want to put up for consideration is the Epiphone Sheraton guitar – a favorite of John Lee Hooker in the middle of the 60’s .

John Lee lived the archetypal life of a blues player  –  born to poor sharecroppers in the deep south, he worked and played guitar through the depression era, WWII, and started to record in the late 1940’s.

Performing in the movie “The Blues Brothers” was a change from his musical performances and he then reached international fame with his hit album “The Healer” released in the late 70’s.

Sadly John Lee Hooker passed away in 2001.

An acoustic guitar was John Lee’s preferred guitar in the early part of his career, then he changed to an electric guitar while playing in Chicago, and in the 60’s switched to the Epiphone Sheraton guitar.

Replica guitars, being those that are copies of ones used by past guitar masters are generally of superior quality given they carry the name of a great player.

Having a chance to own a guitar reissue of a master guitarists gives all of us the opportunity to own our own piece of the past.

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