How Can I Start A Recording Studio?

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One of the most regular things you get about starting this sort of vocation is: who can start a recording business? Who is qualified, what kind of individual can genuinely make it in this business?

Today I’m here to tell you that anybody can win in this business. I know that sounds hard to believe. But it’s true.

You see, a studio is the same as any other trade. You have a product or service to offer, individuals come to you wanting that product/service, and then they pay you in exchange. Simple, right? Well that’s exactly why anybody can get into this type of work. OK, there is plenty of “special knowledge” that one must have to be able to record music and make it sound professional. But that is definately not the only requisite for starting this trade.

Let me give you an example:

A great pal Steve did not complete the course from recording school. He went for only one year, only had a small amount of actual working in the studio, then finished. Finishing the course was not worth his time – for the reason that they didn’t let you know about the practical things you have to know about this business. But after just 12 months out of school, he had obtained a profitable studio. Indeed, he was earning lots of cash and bands were begging him to record them.

So without any formal education in recording, or much experience, you can start a recording studio business. To Learn the principles of having this kind of studio, and the technical skills will come later. The initial recordings were not that good, but the bands were happy and loved working with him. It is that simple – the check was written, money landed in his account, and he was in business. After a year, his recordings were far superior, and he was able to charge way more for his work.

Remember, if you want to start a recording studio operation – no problem. You can do it. You must just learn how the business model operates, how to accquire clients, how to market your studio, and watch it work. Believe me, just about anybody with all the recording know-how in the world can start a studio… but it will fall down quickly if they won’t understand the operation. Mean while, you can be making plenty of profits with only half the recording talent – because you are the savvy business person.

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