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Plot :
Naruto Uzumaki is a small teenager who has the 9 Tailed Demon Fox plastered within him. Twelve years before the begin of the series, the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox blasted the ninja town Konoha, slaughtering numerous people. In act, the leader of Konoha and its ninja military – the Fourth Hokage – gave his life to seal the demon inside Naruto when he was a newborn infant. Konoha, considered Naruto as if he were the demon itself and mistreated him through most of his childhood. A ruling made by the Third Hokage, who reinstate the Fourth Hokage afterwards his loss, forbade anyone mention the assault of the demon fox to anyone else. This included Naruto, who was not aware of the demon inside of him.

Years afterwards, Naruto is decepted by a ninja into stealing a forbidden scroll, but he is stopped by his trainer, Iruka. When Iruka nearly dies when defending Naruto from Mizuki, Naruto employs an ability he conditioned from the scroll that generates numerous replicas of him. This directs Naruto to understand that he is the container of the demon fox.

The key tale follows Naruto and his team mates growth. Naruto befriends Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno, who are allocated with him to form a three-individuals team named Team seven under an knowledgeable teacher named Kakashi Hatake. similar to all the ninja teams,  seven is charged with implementing missions requested by village people, such as doing chores or bodyguards. Throughout the course of their missions, Naruto make friends with other characters that he meets during the series. Team 7 learns new abilities, and understand a coming-of-age journeying as Naruto dreams of becoming the Hokage of Konoha.

A mysterious group called Akatsuki attempts to get a hold of the nine powerful tailed beasts including the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox stored inside of Naruto. Several ninjas from Konoha, combat against the Akatsuki and search for Sasuke. Eventhough they manage to save Gaara the host of the 1-Tailed, Akatsuki is victorious in detaining seven of the creatures.

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