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The word Rap can be interpreted in number of ways. to begin with it means a quick sharp hit or knock. Secondly it means a group of modern music with a fast strong rhythm and words which are spoken fast, not vocalized. There are various ways in which this word can be construed but we are concerned with the second meaning given above.

To generate rap beats a couple of things need to be completed. For a freshman it is wise to first start using software’s instead of purchasing any tools.

For learning anything it is always wise to start from the basics which will help you master the art easily and quickly so the same should be done with rap beating. Easy to use software’s should be purchased first off for making rap beats. That would include Sonic Producer Pro. You just need to put in songs and then begin adding lyrics. Also the software Music Producer Pro is another good software which will help you in learning steps to make rap beats on a basic level but for learning more advanced techniques you need more sophisticated software’s to help and guide you. Another prominent software is Acid Pro. This software allows you to compose a rap beat without the assistance of any tools. Beats can be arranged by means of their natural sounds which contain drums, guitar, saxophone, bass e.t.c. This software is also obtainable with tools which allow you to change the pitch of vocals, to add up a delay or echo and many other sophisticated tools. It’s also viable for you to improvise the software with your own beats if you have the required devices with you. This software is top notch program to help you in making rap beats.

Fruity loops are another famous software used for making rap beats. It is the program which was applied by 9th Wonder. the rap producer, to make beats for the song of Jay-Z called ‘Threats’. It holds everything which is included in Acid Pro and in fact has some additional features as well. It has everything a person might need for making rap beats. Another highlight is another software which specializes in drums mostly. It is known by the name of Tabtrax. If you need to convert any drum tab to a standard music sheet then you should opt for Tabtrax. The software by the name of Drum Tab Converter also has the same function. If an individual wishes to use tools then the most eminent of them are Roland Fantom or Ensoniq ASR-10 which are the prime keyboards used to generate rap beats. Korg Triton is another keyboard which is used for making rap beats and you can use it instead of Roland Fantom or Ensoniq ASR-10.

Then there is Akai MPC. It is a tool which is often used by all the top notch rap producers and should definitely be used when you want to make rap beats. Among the Akai Mpc’s samples Beat Thang is among the latest and the best. There has been an unveiling of a recent tool by the name of M Audio Trigger Finger which has snagged the industry’s attention. It is again a tool which should be considered when you wish to create rap beats. The Syntheway Percussion Kit VSTi also helps to make percussions when making rap beats. These tools accompanied by the software’s will make it possible for you to make rap beats without facing any hurdle. It is usually important to consider the opinions of the experts and use software’s which they have recommended. Therefore they should be taken into account before making any selections.

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