Anyone can Learn to Paint

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Everyone can learn this and it is no myth. Learning to paint is no different than learning how to do anything else. Writing, talking, cooking, and similar activities, all require talent. So what makes people with “god given” talent for painting different from anyone else?

Encountering that fabulous yet incorrect fairy tale about need for extreme and god given talent in painting must not be a barrier for anyone learning to paint. As is the case with acquiring most skills, the secret to success, lies in the passion and determination of the individual.

After all, all these manuals and art books have not been written for the “god given” painters, explaining all the techniques for the usage of adequate papers, colors, brushes and stuff. In other words, the authors who are creating those materials believe that anyone can learn how to paint.

The painting method that you select, is a highly individualized choice. Acrylic paints are the classic painters choice, but you may also choose oil, which may be water soluble, or pastels, or water colors.

You can actually paint with anything and everything including chalk, charcoal or even coffee. However, learning to paint implies you will try more than one technique, prior to deciding which one suits you best. If something isn’t working for you, stop doing it.  You don’t want to continue struggling with something that is only making you feel bad.  Try another technique so you can find the best one for you.

You can liven up the learning process by experimenting with color mixing.  Although this may seem intimidating, you should not avoid giving it a try. You don’t have to read about the “color theory”; you can learn about it by playing around with mixing colors.

When you have finished a painting project, be satisfied and pleased with your accomplishment, because whether it is an abstract or true naïve, it should not be compared to anyone else’s work. Art has no limits and should not ever be framed into rules and regulations. And since it is a creative process, labeling it could cause it to cease to be art.

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