Buying A Gladiator Helmet For Reenactments

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Medieval gladiators were the hardest and bravest fighters ever to live on earth. People loved to spend their time watching these men fight to the death. As a result, these warriors were bestowed with fierce weapons and great looking armors. The head gear these fighters wore were even flashier than the ones the Trojans wore into battle.


Reenactments involving these warriors and their battles have become quite popular. These reenactments are great for smaller reenactment societies because they don’t require a lot of people. There doesn’t even need to be a long script because of the lack of character dialog. Focusing on the armor and weapons these fighters wore is the best way to spend your reenactment planning time. I wrote this article to give you the information you need to know about gladiator helmets so that you can start your own gladiator reenactment today.


The first thing you should know about gladiator helmets is that they were not one hundred percent about protection. Because gladiator owners wanted their fighters to put on a show for their spectators, they would provide them with fancy awe inspiring helmets. This resulted in many different sizes, shapes, and designs of gladiator helmets. You’ll find helmets with caged faces, masked faces, and even open faces. From there you can choose from models with spiked or horned tops to models with traditional round tops.


Reenactment gladiator helmets must be just as durable and sturdy as the original gladiator helmets were. Sturdy helmets can help protect against accidental sword blows during the reenactment.


If your looking to find these helmets you should not waste your time searching locally for them. You will not find many, and the ones you do may not be of great quality. Your greatest chances of finding great replica helmets are going to come to you when you search the Internet stores. Places like are great places to find durable replica helmets.


You’ll find the variety you need in the Internet stores as well as a great price. These sites will allow you to order by phone or through their online systems. You won’t even have to go outside your own home to make your purchase. Also the items will be shipped to your door so that you won’t have to worry about picking them up. Can you think of any better way to get a great replica helmet?

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