Is piano practice a chore?

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Dedication is required in anything to get good results. Working with full dedication provide us with the result of our choice. As we all know piano comprised of 88 keys, and it is very difficult to play just because of its size, its keyboard is very complicated to play. Piano is famous for its versatility which is a beginner’s main problem. Sometimes people struggle with scales like octave and all.

We just make piano practice sessions tough for us. We set goals which are above our reach and finally gets demoralized which eventually lead to quitting the instrument. It is also seen that people dodge away practice sessions and that is not right. You have fun while practicing piano music and there are some points mentioned so you can enjoy it :

  • Sometimes when you get frustrated just try something new, this will refresh your mood
  • In some ways it is better to learn as a child because children have better imagination, so they think they sound good 
  • Sometime breaking your practice time into smaller sessions also helps in enjoying the practice
  • Never go for full technical studies, and put your imagination in every beat
  • Set sensible goal, you can’t play Beethoven from day one of your practice. It will take time to accomplish your goals.
  • You should learn step by step and should gradually improve your playing because you can not learn and play Greig’s piano concerto in a minor from the day one of your learning so don’t be very specific about it and try learn in small pieces and learn only one piece at a time.
  • Don’t practice piano 24/7 because you chose piano for your enjoyment not your punishment
  • There is no benefit in practicing too fast, it will only give you stress nothing else
  • Don ‘t get stick to format all the time because it can be a bit boring and annoying so try some new ways of practicing and bring changes.

There is a famous saying that practice makes a man perfect. Keep practicing and enjoy the piano. It feels good when you start learning and playing the music and sections that looked almost unachievable before. There are many other points which can keep your interest in practice and would finally lead to a great piano player.





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