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Medieval swords are very popular items for many reasons. Many folks purchase them to mount up in their houses as decorations. Others buy them to give away as rewards for winning contests or events. Folks participating in plays and reenactments also buy these swords to use. These people are the ones that need their swords to be battle ready. The need for swords that can withstand simulated combat makes them prime candidates for fantastic looking battle ready medieval swords. In this article I’ll tell you what the difference is between a battle ready medieval sword and a traditional collectors version. We’ll also go over how and where to buy these types of weapons.

Firstly, you should know that these types of swords are made much differently than regular collectors items. They must be built in a way that lets people spar with them over long periods of time without sword damage. In addition to this, the swords must be made safe so that actors do not get hurt while using them. Movies like “300”, “Troy”, “Lord of The Rings”, and “The Mummy Returns” all used battle ready medieval weapons. Each of these movies had battle scenes in which a medieval fighting sword was used.

What separates these swords in terms of build is the fact that they have blunt edges. They are unsharpened and do not have a point at the end. You won’t have to worry about accidentally impaling somebody with a battle ready sword. Medieval battle reenactment societies ensure that the weapons that are used in their reenactments are battle ready and safe to use. Even though these weapons are very safe, they are still weapons and you must be 18 years of age if you want to buy them.

If your looking for this type of sword you can always visit sites like to find them. Sites like this offer a large variety of both battle ready medieval swords and collectors items. You’ll even find great movie prop weapons from various box office hits.

Buying through the Internet is great because you will always get a great price. The item will also be shipped directly to your home or office. Why not get a battle ready sword today?

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