Energy Technology for Green Solar

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Sources of fossil  fuels are running  low The usage  of carbon based  fuels is slowly draining gobal supplies  and incinerating  them causes  a greta number  of problems  to the worlds enevironment  – there is not any way to avoid  both of these things  unless we get rid of them completely and  make use  of green  energy technology. There are lots of   choices  to burning  carbon based fuels as a category  of energy .

Try homemade solar panels are one of the best  options since that energy  comes from the sun and there is a enough energy to power the world a 1000  times over. Wind  energy  too has its benefits  and can be produced  through windmills  that generate electricity as well there is marine energysuch as energy produced by the waves and the tides.

There are other alternative  energy  technology options , but the 3  mentioned above are the top ones and the only ones ready to use to date  that have the promise  to develop into something actually amazing.

Solar power is environmentally friendly energy technology that is being used effieciently today. For centuries  it has been known that the sun can be used to produce power however, in the early twentieth century carbon based  fuels were inexpensive and abundant  and so they became very widley used . We have been using fossil fuels too  quickly and they are running out, so we must turn to alternative energy technology .

There is a strong argumnet to advocate that we could power our entire  society  by harnessing  the heat from the sun  with the correct  technologies. Solar collectors are environmentally friendly technology that is being used by many people worldwide to heat water for showering and washing. This technology has many benefits – it creates hot water in times of electricity deficit, and it is a more economical  option to electricity too.

It is a great  idea to make use of this technology now because solar collectors will prove to be more and more economical as   electricity prices increase in the future (due to the shortages of fossil fuels). On top of this, the environmental effects of using solar power is great – instead of burning carbon based  fuels and causing pollution, your power will come from the sun  (a resource that continually replenishes itself).

Wind energy  is another good alternative energy technology and has proven to be a great success in the past. For hundreds of years  windmills were used to mill cereal and pump water, and were even used as a source of electricity in many European countries around 1890 . But wind power as been seen as a potential  energy production  source in the last ten years  and many  scientists agree that this is one of the best ways to power the globe without conventional electricity. There are wind farms scattered  throughout the globe that are making use of alternative  energy technology. The technology works like this: three blades are attached to a rotor and when the wind blows the blades spin the rotor and this allows energy to be produced – it is a rather simple process but works well. The only draw back with wind power is that for the technology to work there has to be wind and some places in the world do not have enough  wind. However, this technology will work extremely in places like Wales in the United Kingdom and in North Dakota here in the United States, as well as the off shore locations in many countries. For a great DIY green energy project try wind turbines for home

Alternative energy technology for marine energy is heretofore being researched and developed fully, but there is some evidence to suggest that this technology works too. It will just take a bit more time until marine energy is in the mainstream, like that of solar power and wind power.

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