How To Approach A Girl: Some Tips

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How To Approach A Girl: Some Tips
There is no one way to approach a girl that will be successful every time, since all girls are different. What one girl finds charming, another girl might find obnoxious. However, there are certain things that are guaranteed to annoy most girls, and certain things that lots of girls find attractive. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when deciding how to approach a girl.
Be Mindful of the Situation
If you are in a clearly social setting, like a party or a club, then girls are more likely to expect that strangers will approach them, and they may be more receptive. However, if a girl is just walking down the street, grocery shopping, or waiting for the bus, she might not be in the mood for flirtation. If you find her attractive, you could smile and say hi, and see how she responds. But chances are, a woman on her way home at the end of a long day is not in the mood to be pressured for her number.
Keep it Real
Nothing annoys girls more than a dude who is obviously trying to present himself as something other than who he is. Don’t try too hard to make jokes; chances are, if they don’t come naturally, they will fall flat and will not be funny. If you don’t have anything humorous to say, just talk to the girl. Small talk, however mundane, is probably going to be received better than awkward attempts at humor.
Any time you are speaking with another human, it is important to listen to what they say. Too many people make the mistake of planning out their own responses while someone is talking. Then, when your response comes out, it sounds ridiculous because it has very little to do with what the person actually said. This is a huge turnoff to girls. Just listen to what they say, and respond with what comes naturally.
All of these tips may seem pretty obvious, but trust me, there are plenty of guys who seem to be clueless. If you are polite, confident, and genuine, you will be doing a lot better than several of the other guys out there. Lots of them have no clue how to approach a girl.

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