Learn To Make Your Own Gourmet Frozen Meal Right In Your Home

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Convenient meals can be a lifesaver at times. They can be more nutritious than fast food and eaten at home. You can grab one of these meals when you have a busy schedule and feed you family an nutritious gourmet frozen meal.

At times you may have no choice other than grabbing something quick from the grocery store, but if you have a chance, make your own frozen meals.

By making your own frozen meals, you get to choose what goes into your food. If there is an ingredient that someone in your family will not eat, you can leave it out or prepare an individual portion without that ingredient. In addition, you are in control of the amount of sugar and sodium that is added to your meals.

While most people simply choose their family’s favorite recipes to cook, others like to experiment a little here and there. If you are in the mood to experiment the try one of these, Broccoli Beef, vegetable soup, corn chowder, chicken curry or beef stew. They work very well in the freezer.

Rice and pasta do not do well in many freezer recipes, they tend to be overcooked by the time the food is cooked and then re-warmed. If you are cooking these recipes, just freeze the sauce and cook the rice or pasta separately. If you have a rice cooker just throw in the rice and water so you can let it cook while you warm the rest of the meal. Pick up fresh pasta and it cooks in boiling water in about three minutes.

To get that freezer stocked try cooking meals that are two to four times the normal size. The excess should go directly to the fridge and not to the table. If it is on the table you will be tempted to over eat and the quality declines. It needs to be chilled as soon as possible for the best flavor.

The second is to have two days set aside for shopping and cooking. Buy the food one day and cook the second. While cooking, you can prepare several meals at once for the freezer. Remember to plan to cook more than one recipe of each meal you are cooking.

Use a vacuum sealer to store your food. The bags are very heavy weight and prevent freezer burn. They can be used to heat food in the microwave or as a boil-in bag in a pot of water.

If all of this sounds like a lot of effort, take heart! There are actually renowned chefs who prepare frozen gourmet meals.

Don’t count on your local grocer to carry truly wonderful food that you can love. Instead, take a look online for a high quality gourmet dinner delivered to your door, frozen and ready to heat, serve and enjoy.

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