Improve Your Sleep and Posture With a Quality Down Pillow

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Down pillows are not only comfortable but also provide ample support for your head and neck as you sleep. When you have a quality bed pillow, it allows you to sleep better each night in a healthy posture. You’ll feel rested, and if you have been having neck issues, a new pillow might alleviate some of them.

Down pillows are filled with the inner plumage of waterfowl such as geese or ducks. Down is very fluffy, soft and light and does not have the usual feather quill shaft like feathers. One unit of down is referred to as a cluster, and with its many thousands of filaments, the cluster resembles a ripe dandelion pod. Although down is lighter than feathers, it has a three-dimensional structure that causes it to insulate very well by trapping more air.

Geese usually provide the largest and best down clusters used for pillows and comforters . Down pillows are stuffed with the down of geese or ducks and usually have an immaculate construction with a high thread count and various types of cotton for an outer covering such as sateen or damask.

Unlike polyester pillows or other synthetic pillows, down pillows will mold to the contours of your head and neck without losing firmness. Your neck will be well-supported, even if you’re usually a head tosser while sleeping. With proper alignment to the spine, you’ll have less neck pain and stiffness in the morning.

Down pillows usually last much longer than synthetic pillows with proper care and a pillow case. Most are washable. You should buy sateen pillow case for your down pillow to reduce contact with oils from your skin. You can buy a down pillow and sateen pillow case in a variety of sizes – standard, queen, and king. Down pillows are available in multiple densities and firmness so you can easily find one to meet your needs.


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