How To Play Acoustic Guitar

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You can learn how to play acoustic guitar and make great music. You do not have to be a musical genius to play nice acoustic guitar. The trick is to keep it simple and clean. Learn how to strum chords, play simple riffs and patterns, and be able to accompany yourself while singing.

The guitar, like the piano, is among the few instruments that play chords. A chord is a cluster of notes played simultaneously. There are four types of chords:major, minor, diminished, and augmented. Each chord type produces a distinct sound. Music has three basic elements: melody, rhythm, and harmony. The harmony consists of chords.

It is easy to strum chords on an acoustic guitar . Each chord type has a finger position on the guitar’s fret board. Going from chord to chord becomes automatic with a little practice.

Popular songs use standard chord patterns or progressions. When you have been playing for awhile you will recognize standard chord patterns even if it is a song you have never heard before. This makes figuring out new songs by just listening to a recording of them easy.

Playing melody lines and complex solos on guitar is a little more complicated but still not that hard to accomplish. Just like chords fall into standard patterns, solo lines and riffs fall into standard scale patterns. After a while you will begin to recognize the standard scale patterns and standard riffs.

Even though you can teach yourself you probably will progress faster if you have a good teacher. A teacher can get you started playing right from the beginning before you develop bad habits. When playing a musical instrument bad habits are hard to break once you have them. A guitar teacher can show you how to tune the guitar, change strings, how to keep your guitar in good repair and, of course, how to play it. A good guitar teacher knows a lot of tricks learned from experience that they can pass on to you.

Choose a teacher that plays the guitar style that you want to learn. There are many styles and genres of music that sound great on the acoustic guitar. Folk, pop, jazz, blues, country and western and classical music all sound fantastic when played in the hands of a good acoustic guitar player.

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