Carmelo Anthony Achievements

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Carmelo Kyam Anthony was born in May 29, 1984; he is nicknamed `Melo’ Carmelo Anthony  play in the NBA for the NY Knicks  .

He studied at Oak hill academy before joining Towson catholic high school, He then attended Syracuse University beside participation in Orangemen team where he lead the team to its first National Championship in the year 2003, He  was awarded the best player in that years tournament  .

 He was also named the MVP of the  NCAA East Region. He  played 1 year  for Syracuse University and then  decided to enter the 2003 NBA draft .

Out of all the pro basketball picks selected in the draft the Denver Nuggets selected Anthony as the third player to be chosen in the draft. He was later traded to the Knicks in the 2011 trade period.

Anthony is the  1 of the most popular and famous players in the NBA, He has been  to the All Star game for five times and he has also been named in AllRockie team.

Since 2004 to 2010 Carmelo  carried the Nuggets to two division titles, also the playoffs in each year in this period. He led the Nuggets to reach the conference Finals where they have never reached since 1985. In the national USA team Anthony was awarded Bronze in the 2004 Olympics. Whenever there is talk of free nba picks by the pro basketball experts, the team Carmelo Anthony is playing for is always considered as the top 5 star pick for that day.

2008 AND 2012 Anthony excelled again in the Olympic Games where he won in both gold medals. Carmelo  broke the scoring  the record of scoring 37 points in a single game when the United States team played against Nigeria in the Olympic Games. This was in August 2, 2012.

Anthony was born in New York City, Brooklyn in the Red Hooks projects. His father is Puerto Rican and his mother is an African American.The father  he was named after died of cancer  . Carmelo was two years of age  when his father passed away .

At the age of eight Carmelo’s family moved to Baltimore. Anthony while At Baltimore grew up honing his athletic talent. For the first three years at Towson Catholic HIGH School, Anthony was a commuter.

Anthony due to his advancement in the game at Baltimore he was nicknamed The Baltimore Sun`s metro player . This was after  dominated other players in  games in Baltimore summer season. This was in the year 2001.

Carmelo was also among the Baltimore Catholic league players. In Anthony`s sophomore year he had a total of 2 steals, 4 assists, 5 rebounds and 14 points.

 By Anthonys junois year , coaches of Division I-A become so eager to recruit Carmelo to their teams .

Carmelo NBA  career started out on June 26,2003, where he was selected the third overall pick in the 2003 NBA Draft by the Denver Nuggets.

Anthony has played in numerous seasons including his rookie season where he scored 30 points even though being the youngest.2004-05 season where he scored an average of 20.8 points per game played.

In the season 2005-06 Anthony gathered a total of 26.5 ppg. In the 2007-08 season Anthony made the NBA All Star Game for the second time.

In 2008-09`Carmelo tied  George Bervin’s record  for scoring the most points in a season. 

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