Taking some time off? Here’s an exciting idea!

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It’s coming to that time of the year when we gaze out at the grey skies and start to wonder what kind of winter lies ahead. Having said that, if we wait too much longer someone’s going to start saying ‘Cheer up; it’s only XXX days until Christmas!’

Rather than simply giving in to the rather attractive idea of throwing them into a puddle or something even more drastic, why not grab the bull by the horns and give serious consideration to the  possibility of becoming a Grown-Up Gapper?

Just in case you didn’t really know, a Grown-Up Gapper is anyone who takes some time off to travel. Of course, there are lots of reasons for doing something like this. It could be because of redundancy, the desire for a career break or perhaps even retirement – as they say, you’re never too old to see the world!

For a great many people, it’s a golden opportunity to get involved in something that will really make a difference, something positive, such as voluntary work with animals, getting down and dirty with wildlife conservation work or giving your services to help the kind of communities which are so much less fortunate than our own.

No matter what you finally you end up doing, working with elephants, lions, leopards or monkeys, or simply giving a little hope for the future to families who have to deal with the terrible reality of AIDS, taking that first step is a big decision. However, of one thing you can be sure, it’s a decision you will never regret.

As soon as you have taken that first decisive step, the rest will just fall into place.

If working with animals is what you really want to do, in just a relatively short time you could find yourself staring into the eyes of a leopard (hopefully a very small one) or helping to take care of an orphaned Colobus Monkey. You might suddenly be journeying through the African bush photographing or making films of threatened species of wildlife and helping with conservation.

If you are perhaps more interested in volunteering for community work then the time you spend will have a life changing impact on those adults and children with whom you work.
Grown-Up Gappers have the opportunity to do much more than just enjoy the experience of travel. They have the chance to truly make a difference and give something back……..read more.

And you never can tell, you may well have some amazing experiences to keep you warm while you’re staring out of that window at the grey winter skies next year!

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