This event location will kick all others into touch!

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Originating in England, rugby is played as Rugby Union and Rugby League. The Union game has 15 players and the League has 13 players. The Union players can contest possession following the tackle; but if the League team in possession fails to score in six tackles it must give possession of the ball to the other team.The Union players can keep the possession of the ball for an unlimited number of tackles before scoring.

Rugby is played on a grass pitch that varies in size depending on the two codes. The sidelines are called touchlines. Each goal line has an H shaped goal post. The familiar oval shaped rugby balls are employed in the game, which is not allowed to be thrown forward but which the players have to run with or kick to gain ground. The game is played in 40 minute halves with a 10 minute half-time break.

No matter what particular Rugby club you are a fan of you can be sure that they will have a stadium to be proud of and one, which must, in common with all clubs, make some money during the “off” season. This of course, makes them ideal places as venues for a wide range of events such as weddings, exhibitions and conferences.

Not everyone is a big sports fan of course but guests will never fail to be impressed with a private guided tour of all the facilities in the stadium, most of which are typically closed to both the public and TV cameras.

So if you are in search of somewhere to hold your next business dinner or if you need a choice of conference rooms Gloucester is a good place to begin your search. Please read here for more information.

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