Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon

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The Pink Floyd album Dark Side of the Moon is probably the best-known album with this genuine super group. If this premiered in early 1970s, it quickly took over as the group’s biggest selling album and gained this rock band countless new fans all over the world. For more information about Pink Floyd, an excellent brief summary emerges at

Not simply made it happen conquer new fans spanning various ages, it marked a tremendous departure inside the musical design of Pink Floyd. The album continued to smash several records and remained continuously in the Billboard charts for an astonishing 18 years until 1988.

Incredibly, the album entered the charts again and overall has developed in the charts for upwards of 1,500 weeks, a very incredible performance. No other group or artist has produced an album that comes anywhere nearby the chart success of Dark Side of the Moon.

Considering that almost all of the tracks about the album deal somehow while using rather dark subject of the mental overview of one of several band’s original members, Syd Barrett, its success is much more startling. Barrett had spent years tinkering with psychedelic drugs, before eventually suffering a near total collapse, from where he never fully recovered.

However, his influence on this rock band continued for quite some time after his departure. Songs like Brain Damage relate specifically to Barrett’s condition, along with the title from the album Wish You Had Been Here’s directly addressed to Barrett. Nevertheless, it can be highly unlikely that the group could have become so successful had Barrett not suffered his collapse.

This rock band continued to experiment with sound, and lightweight of their live performances, and so are inextricably of a psychedelic feel and look. But with Barrett’s departure, the music was more considered and structured, and drawn an extremely wider audience.

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