One or two points to keep in mind when choosing your wedding venue.

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There are one or two things that you may need to think about while deciding on the right wedding venue for you. First, brides and grooms will need to make a decision about whether they are having a civil ceremony or a religious ceremony. This can affect the decision of what venue to choose, because a religious ceremony will generally be held in a church of the denomination of the couple’s preference.

Most guests will be reluctant to travel travel too far from the ceremony site to reach the reception, so choosing a site close at hand will help your guests get from the ceremony to the reception. Some of the guests will not want to drive after the reception, so finding a place that has hotels or other forms of accommodation available for guests that require it is quite important!

Secondly, couples will need to decide not just how far they want their guests to have to travel on the special day, but also how far they themselves would be prepared to travel to reach their wedding venue. Normally, weddings are held close to the family home of the bride house.. This ensures that the bride’s family would be able to attend the wedding. However, with travel becoming easier and more convenient, many couples are looking for destination weddings in unique and adventurous locations.

When couples have decided to have a civil wedding the choice of venue will depend on venues that are licensed for this type of ceremony, these can include castles, stately homes, medieval mansions, boats or even famous sports stadia. The latter will give the bridal couple fantastic flexibility in that they will vary in size, parking facilities and proximity to transport.
When looking for a venue for civil weddings Gloucester has a well known rugby club that offers the perfect place to get married.

Something else to think about may be the season that the wedding is taking place. Summer months, May through September, are peak wedding months as is December and it can be very difficult to find a suitable civil wedding venue at an appropriate price during these months. Please read here for further details.

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