Do you ever feel the need to stop watching movies and reading books?

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Weirdgirl13 asked:

Because when I see a good one, I can’t stop thinking about it and I feel empty and the I get all depressed.
It’s the same with books.
I **** it, but I love books and movies.
I usually don’t stop feeling this until like 2 weeks after I see the movie.

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3 Responses to “Do you ever feel the need to stop watching movies and reading books?”
  1. Bailey Quinn O'Shea-McDuffy Says:

    I feel cheated when I really love a book or movie and it ends. It always seems like there should be more to the story…and I do get upset that there’s not. I can relate to feeling empty and depressed over it. I guess we need to start reading and watching things that we’re not so thrilled with, lol.

  2. Nirav K Says:

    it depends on ur emotions and innocence.U shouldn’t stop watching movies bt u should stop watching those movies which makes u empty.Reading books is a gud option also.If u get empty wid emotional movies then u should try some thriller or horror also.It may excite u more than anything.And if u like reading books then it is better option,wenever u get free get a gud book a start reading it.Bt it will make u excited and u won’t b able to stop reading it until the end ur time will go on wid more speed….

  3. yellow Says:

    you’re simply an emotional, passionate, deep feeler and thinker. things affect you a lot. there’s nothing wrong with analyzation, but if it’s making you depressed, that’s not right. the movies and books might just be a trigger for your depression, if you have depression. i’ve been through some anxiety and depression and have prayed about it and done well and overcame it all—without drugs from a psychiatrist mind you! you might want to talk to a therapist about all of this if it really bothers you. i think everyone should have a therapist! cheers best of luck :)

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