Discover Which Celebrities Used Affirmations To Accomplish Their Success

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Affirmations have been popular amongst those looking to improve their lives or attitude for many years (see – ) . Affirmations are used with the intention of changing negative thought patterns into positive, valuable ones.

There are numerous benefits to using affirmations; to begin with, the words that we use are a powerful tool for creating the life that we wish to lead. Have you ever been told something so frequently, that before long, you come to believe it as truth? The language that we use to describe ourselves and the world we live in – for example, beautiful, ugly, abundant or lacking – whether true or not are the words that our subconscious comes to accept as fact. For that reason, you unknowingly attract a reality to fit.

Where your mind goes, your reality will follow; celebrities too have been known to credit their success to this belief (see – Will Smith law of attraction ). Many celebs have in recent years come forward to attribute the Law of Attraction and positive thinking for their achievements. Or more simply put – that the lives we lead spring from what we put out into the world, a result of the energies and attitudes that we harbour.

Here are just examples of some of the largest celebs today to credit the law of attraction and positive affirmations for their success:

Oprah Winfrey: Since 2007 Oprah has been openly talking about the Law of Attraction with her television audiences, sharing the belief that your world is what you’re making it. In an interview with host Larry King, Oprah said ‘You really can change your own reality based on the way that you think.’

Will Smith: Actor Will Smith is well-known for his high energy, positive attitude which has helped him to become one of the highest paid actors of today. In many interviews Smith has discussed his view, that we’re all limitless beings. In one specific interview, Smith discusses the value of just knowing what it’s that we want. He believes that it is as simple as that – decide what it is that you want and the universe will make this happen for you.

Jim Carrey: Famous comedian Jim Carrey, has often spoken of his enthusiasm to share the astonishing story of his rise to fame. His story is a well-known one; Carrey wrote a cheque out to himself to the sum of 10 million dollars. He kept the cheque with him at all times, frequently visualising the many things that he would do with that money. By 1995, Carrey was paid for his first big movie role – making him wealthy enough to cash in a 10 million dollar cheque. He’s since been a big advocator of the Law of Attractor and the power of the mind.

For more information on the Law of Attraction and affirmations, see forum .

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