The Art Of Money Making – With The Law Of Attraction

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When asked what they would like more of, the large majority would arguably answer ‘money’. We are a money hungry society; for the majority of people, money equals freedom – the chance to live more freely and fulfil our wildest ambitions.

A lot of money can be a worthy goal, as long as you understand that it is in no way the source of happiness. Nevertheless, if you are emotionally ‘wealthy’ and would like a savings account that reflects this, what should you do?

The Law of Attraction teaches that where our minds and thoughts go, our reality follows (see – how does the law of attraction work ). So, if you’re intent on manifesting more money in your life, you should create a money mind-set. Basically, it’s time for you to get money-minded!

Money is a complicated topic, engulfed in conflicting emotions and limiting beliefs. It is because of this, you should try to enhance your energies surrounding money for the better. It is because the better we start to feel about money; the greater our feelings of resistance will melt, clearing the way for greater money manifesting.

Listed here are 3 quick and fun ways of improving your financial energies for the better:

1.Write yourself a cheque. Jim Carrey did it and it worked for him, so it will work for you too! Write a cheque to yourself and keep it somewhere you can frequently look at it. Routinely remind yourself of the cheque that you’re waiting to soon cash in. Picture vividly exactly what you intend to do with the money, get excited about it! This will assist to fuel your money desires with new positive energies.

2.Go Shopping! Make a point of browsing the shops for all of the nice things that you want to buy. Rather than feeling upset or angry that you’re unable to afford these things, decide to get excited and feel good knowing that you’ll soon have these things, you’re simply choosing to not have them today. The Law of Attraction teaches that the better we feel about things, the better the result (see – the universal law of attraction ). So, do this and you may begin to shift those old feelings of ‘lack’ and replace them with ones of ‘plenty’.

3.Pay Your Bills With A Smile. Make all of your money transactions, happy ones. A mindset of gratitude is essential if you’re looking to become more abundant, so, with every payment you make or bill that you pay feel gratitude. If your bill is for the rent, consider how grateful you feel to have somewhere safe and warm to live. If it is for the electricity bill, think on the many opportunities electricity brings you. Once we start to concentrate on the things that we appreciate, it becomes easier and easier to find things to appreciate.

Make money your friend – the better you start to feel about the money in your life, regardless of how little it may be, the more that will come your way.

For more information about the Law of Attraction, see – .

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