5 Simple Ways To Stay In The Present Moment – From The Experts

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Leading Law of Attraction experts (see – www.thelawofattraction.co.uk/love/ to read more ) will always tell you that the key to a happy life lies in learning how to be in the present moment.

Having said that, for many of us this goes against everything we may have ever known. For so many people, happiness awaits them in that dream home or that ‘one day’ when they’ll have landed the perfect job. But is all of this planning ahead actually doing anything for our happiness today?

Whilst having dreams and ambitions is an important part of being happy, too much thinking ahead can actually be detrimental to your lifelong happiness.

When we spend too much time worrying about the future, it can become all too easy to forget what we have in the here and now.

Learn to stay in the present moment and appreciate your life today, with these 6 expert tips:

1.Practice An Attitude of Gratitude. Practicing daily gratitude has been long regarded as an important practice for happiness! Oprah Winfrey herself regularly talks on the importance of gratitude in her show. As opposed to living in the past or fretting about the future, learn to feel grateful for what you have today.

2.Take Responsibility. When we learn to take full responsibility for our lives, happiness follows. As the Law of Attraction teaches, our lives are what we make them (see – the law of attraction book ). So start focusing on the today and making it the best that it can be.

3.Accept Things For What They Are. It is often most difficult for people to live in the present moment, that are used to trying to control what they cannot. No-one can tell what’s around the corner; as a result, it’s up to you to make the most of the one certain thing you have – today.

4.Be Mentally and Physically Present. When you are working, don’t worry about what you’re going to be making for dinner later. Should you be spending time with your children, don’t worry about the presentation you will be giving on Monday. No matter what you’re doing, either physically or mentally – you need to be giving it 100% of your attention.

5.Surround Yourself With Positivity. It is often said that we are who we surround ourselves with; if this is so, then surely we should be wanting to surround ourselves with as many positive people and situations as possible? Surround yourself with like-minded people wanting to make the most of each moment.

6.Love! There is no better way of enjoying the present moment, than becoming a beacon of love. When you are feeling love for yourself, your children, your spouse or showing your love in service of others – you are fully immersed in the joy of the present moment.

So love often and freely – love each moment, love yourself and love others – it’ll prove the real key to limitless happiness.

For more Law of Attraction tips and hints, see – www.thelawofattraction.co.uk/the-secret/ toread more here about the law of attraction movie .

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