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Have you always liked the idea of presenting? If you have spent your life aspiring to become a professional presenter, read on to find out steps to make this a actuality. To start with, it is advised that before you set your hopes and dreams on becoming a presenter (see conference presenter) that you discover a little more about it. This applies to all new jobs. As much as you may think you are suited to a position, you will never truly know till you have had a taste of that role. Work experience is a good manner in which to achieve this.

If you want to get a taster of the life of a presenter, it’s good to get experience of being in a live studio environment and let professional presenters show you how it’s done. The fact is, TV production can be tedious and tiresome with it’s stop and start functionality not to mention the constant delays. This is something that a presenter will need to get use to; waiting around, distractions, delays and a repetitive workload (having to complete take and take). For this reason, a presenter will need to remain focused and patient at all times. 

Additional attributes that a presenter will need to possess in order to become a professional presenter include; spontaneity, a cheerful attitude, and a polished and glamorous look. The latter may sound fun – but after umpteen times of presenting the same clip repeatedly, you are likely to look and feel a little worn so having to continue to look young and fresh at all times can begin to take its toll. The role of a presenter may not be as well-paid as you think, especially for those with little to no experience.

Are you still certain you want to become a presenter? If so, see female presenters from Scotland. Here are some time-honoured steps to which every candidate in the market needs to take on board. 

  • Firstly, make your very own show-reel. Save yourself the money hiring a company to do it for you, and instead, do it yourself. All you need is a friend or family member and a camcorder to show off your presenting skills. In the show-reel, try to include the following things; talking to the camera, an interview and a walk and talk piece.
  • Decide on the style of presenter you want to be, and stick with your decision. If you continue to change your mind, you’ll confuse matters and risk not getting the job you want.
  • Be your own person. There’s no use trying to imitate a presenter that’s already out there. It’s important that you have your own uniqueness in order to be remembered and to gain the important ‘like’ factor.
  • Do a little research, such as learning who produces your favourite shows as well as learning to stick to timed scripts. Also make sure you practise plenty, even with other distractions in the background – this will allow you to perform better if you are asked to do a screen test.
  • Finally, be willing to put in lots of hard work and remember that practise makes perfect.

For more information about hiring a presenter, see Jane Farnham British presenter.

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