When Caught In A Dead End Route Of Life – Pray To God and Restart Your Life-Plan

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If you have lost orientation course in life time and are on the incorrect path , then every additional measure is wrong .

Should you not have reoriented and modified direction of your full lifespan.

Hence if life goes wrong, take a new path , a path of passion before further steps are done on wrong path. The longer you keep going on faulty way , the greater the harm and the more efforts needed to rectify your way and your entire lifespan.

A improper way of life is costly – the road of passion is smooth like silk and sweetened like honey! The way of love always is gratis to all and open for all any moment of development!

No wrong way is too large to be discharged or dismissed. It is your obligation toward your own personal innermost being to entirely dismiss any wrong track in your life time , at any level of life , your personal life, home life , business life, political life, industrial projects or other courses of life . The terminal consequences of pursuing a wrong way , covering up a wrong path or patching up a wrong itinerary may end in total wipeout of your lifetime , your community of interests or a total human era on globe !

Think for instance you were in a wrong holy matrimony , keep on and finally have one or several young ones . Still in a incorrect human relationship, from a incorrect married person . How much leisurely and cheap would an early good bye have been in comparison to the often or most of the time unsporting and expensive splitting of marriages with young ones torn apart and abused to leveraging supporting questions.

Jesus teachings of love will assist you to find your way of love into a loving future of reciprocal respect leading in reciprocal passion among all world until we are again one family in God . Have the bravery to rectify after you sense to be distressed or on incorrect itinerary of life time . Never blame another person for your incorrect situation . Accept obligation for your own personal wrong initial selection and conclusions. Consider the situation as a teaching process . The first time you altogether dismiss a incorrect path could become the most difficult . Any times later you make major alterations in your lifetime , you certainly will note that it becomes easy . Why so? After you initial modification, you observe an better in happiness and inner liberty. An increment of well-feeling and easing of a burden on your heart. Always be true to your innermost being – your heart and soul and acquire to do what makes you happiest independent of your financial or social position. In living it is all about love and the purpose of life is to be felicitous and to acquire to love and be loved . That intention of living takes your force and braveness to make modifications when ever needed. The earlier, the better for your spiritual progress and felicity in life .

On A Wrong path of life a your own critical review and reactivate of lifespan is proposed . Recommended actions needed are:

  1. It is utmost important that you open yourself to God in a sincere love prayer.
  2. open up for our heavenly creator, open for God love and God ‘s blessings.
  3. Invite supreme being ‘s presence into your life and accept our heavenly creator’s guidance to restart your life time on a path of love
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