Setting The Tone Through Positive Affirmations

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These are simply some affirmations you should be saying aloud each day. If you don’t believe these things actually was, then how does one prosper???

Through my learning process (which I continue doing on a daily basis) We have remarked that affirming who you have a positive way changes the way you appear about yourself. It internalizes and produces an electricity which is irresistible to others.

Along with Affirmations comes Visualization…

I see myself taking a walk with nature from the lush island of Saint Lucia. I’m calmly walking because i hear the rustle in the trees and birds sing. I glance over and find out a running stream of natural spring water. As I find myself right infront than it, I stretch my arms out and notice the refreshing touch of the slightly brisk water touch my hands. At that time I gently wash my face and cleanse each of the impurities from the day. I’m renewed! I feel free and that i can now exhale.

This can be a true to life experience I had after i was visiting Saint lucia five years ago. I’m able to remember it clear as day because that vision, that moment is embedded in my mind.

Wouldn’t it be nice so that you can have an experience like that each day?

There exists a common element within all humans in fact it is to feel important, It really is to take a moment, It really is to feel secure. Is there a solution of the daily grind from the hustle to generate a dollar, from living pay check to pay check.

Is There A Way Out? YES There is!

I am aware this because I have found the best way. I have discovered it through self improvement within the last 15 years and I’ve found it via a culture of fantastic everyday people securing their futures and getting in touch with help others secure theirs.

A little while ago I had been employed by $10/hr. Receiving payment and then in this same moment finding myself again broke.

Today I am financially secure. Today We are living. Today I’m emotionally inside the perfect place. Within a few months I am going to moving on the beautiful Island of saint lucia and that i get each year that same feeling because i did five years ago…This time around on a daily basis!

What made the alteration for me personally? Affirming who I am on a daily basis. Visualizing everything I’d like in your life, believing in it with all of my heart, following through, and being aware of opportunities when they were made available to me. I took an opportunity, I took a risk, I said I won’t know unless I aim!

YOU are deserving of likewise! YOU have the qualities to reside in the life you’ve always wanted! YOU have an opportunity now to undertake it!

What exactly will you do? Pass it and wonder “suppose?” or Affirm what you are and what you look for, open that door to opportunity and jump in!?

I really believe within you,

~ Tracy Isidore



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