Music today-plagiarism or authenticity

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Plagiarism can be a bad and unprofessional, musical influence is a thing very different. I don`t know what exactly is the line of decency between this two concepts, but I`m pretty sure that we`ll recognize the moment when that line is crossed. Well correct me if I`m wrong, but I haven’t heard any plagiarism that has achieved success as great as the original music . It also refers to the background music.

There are authors which just like to copy/paste of others work, well… can hardly be called authors., there are group of authors who prefer to soak up different influence and to generate music on their own way. Each of us should be on that way, the clear way of originality. We all have our favorite authors, artist, music genres where we feel better, but originality is the most important .

It may be seen from two angles, we could observe that trough artistic view and we can take a look by financial moment . Every heartfelt artist want to leave a big legacy behind him. Authenticity is exactly what is simply counts. For example take The Beatles, brought not only a new sound, but the whole idea of life. Their significance is really great that even today people around the globe with much pleasure paying attention to their music. And from financial point of view , well..take for example The Beatles! -) Certainly it took a great deal of factors which make them so excellent, but in my view, the originality was among thevital things. 

Authenticity is a vital moment for any of the arts. This is what maintains and enhances the arts. In music, authenticity of various authors generated the appearance of countless music genres, whether it’s vocal music or instrumentalsinstrumental music . Thanks to the authors who gave themself and a part of their life concept into their music, music remains to be evolving.

I might add one important point, perhaps the key…nonetheless you’re directly or indirectly affected by some author or artist, you should try to put your authentic expression, because some day your originality may be the only   that can apart you from the other folks .

And at the end, power to the originality !

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